Established in 1936, by Thomas J. Unik Sr., our company has grown to a full service insurance agency that serves the insurance needs of over 12,000 individuals and families and 4200 business concerns in Cleveland, Cuyahoga County and adjacent areas.
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Phone: 216-861-0200

Finance Company
Can’t pay your premium in full?  We can help!

We know in these difficult times, it is not always easy to pay all those bills at once.  We have a premium finance company that can help, US Premium Finance.  This company has been providing commercial insurance premium financing since 1971.  It is a national company that offers good rates and great service.

So what is premium financing?

It is a loan between two parties - the insured and the premium finance lender.
It is a specific purpose loan, made only for a specific reason and under certain conditions.  The collateral is the unearned insurance premium of the policy being financed.
Why is premium financing beneficial for you, the insured?

It provides you with a way to spread out your insurance premium payments over time instead of having to pay the premium all at one time.
What is included in the premium finance agreement?

Insured  information
Policy data
Insured Tax Identification Number as required by the US Patriot Act
Insured and agent signatures
Terms and conditions
What happens in the event of a default or cancellation for non-payment?

Notice of intent to cancel insurance policy is issued. If payment is not received then a policy cancellation is issued.  Upon cancellation, the insurance company will return any unused premium to the finance company.  The policyholder is immediately liable for any balance due on the loan.
US Premium Finance offers you the following ways to make your payment.

Pay by mail
Pay by fax
Pay online 24/7
Direct Debit (ACH payment)
The web address for US Premium Finance is:  Use this site to make a payment or just to check on your account.