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Renters Insurance
The first time most people think about insurance is with their first car or home. Usually this is because the law or bank requires us to do so. Although renter's insurance is usually not required, it is just as necessary to have. Not only will renter's insurance protect your personal items, it will also give you help with temporary housing and liability protection such as medical expenses for people on your property or a lawyer if you are sued by someone unintentionally injured by you. Once you determine your need for renter's insurance, knowing your options will help you choose the best policy.

If the ceiling in your rented property is damaged by wind or hail in a storm, of course the ceiling is covered by your landlord. But what about your brand new stereo and TV that was damaged? Also, while the ceiling is being fixed, do you have enough money to immediately find another place to stay? These are the types of things that would be covered by your renter's insurance policy. Along with personal property coverage and living expenses, your renter's insurance policy will also cover your liability or damage you cause to others or their property. For example, your girlfriend comes over to visit and she slips on the ice outside your door. The same walkway that is your responsibly to keep clear! Your girlfriend needs medical attention and decides to sue you! Renter's insurance can't help with your broken heart, but it will help you pay for your ex-girlfriend's medical expenses and a lawyer.

Now that you have decided renter's insurance is for you, there are some things to consider when purchasing your renter's insurance policy:
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